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complete plug-in-play ecommerce email marketing guide to push your email revenue to 30% and beyond!

Introducing the 7-Figure Email marketing Guide for DTC, Online Ecom Brands, Dropshippers, and Agency Owners

Turn a FREE traffic source into 30%+ of your revenue!

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I just did $55k in email revenue last month, up from close to $21k last month before I got my hands on it. All thanks to your courses.
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Hit 31% attributed revenue from email for my ecom store 2 months after implementing the flow and campaign ideas in the guide!
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Advertising Costs

Advertising costs are skyrocketing as of late. And let me break it to you now, they are NEVER going back down.


It seems paid traffic sources are changing daily due to regulations making them a very unstable basket to keep all your eggs in.

Break Even

Don't be left out to dry, fighting to break even every passing month. It's time for a change.

Can you afford to keep fighting rising ad costs, traffic restrictions, and constant market changes?

It’s time to build a core backend foundation, tried-and-true for years, and a guaranteed way to generate new revenue without spending any additional money on ads. You can take hold of this TODAY!

"I went through the course in one sitting and the ideas are insane. Quite a lot I hadn't ever thought about sending. Everything is explained clearly and the real email examples really guided my design team. You need to bump the price up."
Jim S

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Act today and get direct access to the identical automations and campaigns that the top ecommerce stores in the world use to generate millions of dollars per year!

This is NOT a get-rich-quick-off email strategy… It will require you to take what is taught and plug it in. But I can guarantee that the money you invest in this will seem incomparable to the results you’ll see when you do.

Without a doubt, EVERY ecom brand NEEDS these 7-Figure Emails in their business!

"email marketing is dead"

Anyone Could Sit Here And Preach One Way Or The Other.

So let’s have the statistics do the talking.

There are an estimated 4.3 billion email addresses worldwide, averaging just over 2 email accounts per person. That means about 2 billion people use email globally.

Email is 40x more effective than Facebook and Twitter when it comes to acquiring new customers.

Approximately 72% Of Customers Prefer Brands To Contact Them Via Email.


Email isn’t going anywhere.

We see new traffic sources come and go, yet email marketing has stayed just as powerful year after year with no sight of it ever stopping.

Saying NO to email marketing is the same as saying no to a FREE revenue source that can make up 20% of your revenue.

And unlike paid ads… it doesn’t require you to SPEND more to MAKE more.

As long as you have these revenue-generating strategies integrated, email marketing will seem far from dead.

This May Sound Painfully Familiar.

🟩 You’ve become your own ‘in-house’ marketer, and email marketing has become something you’ve pushed off to the side due to it seeming complex.

🟩 Maybe you tried to hire an ‘agency’ to handle your email marketing just to be hit by a $4,000 retainer with results even worse than when you did it yourself.

🟩 Or maybe you’ve completely thrown away the idea of even incorporating it into your brand because you think ’email marketing is DEAD’.

Trust me…

We Understand.

These are problems most have suffered.

That’s why we’ve put together a way for you to:

Quickly Set Up Automated email flowsThat generate new revenue while you sleep

fill out your marketing calendar with fresh email campaign ideas that your customers actually want to read

Build systems that will turn expensive acquisition into a profitable pipeline

🟩 This WON'T require hours to gather ideas from scratch

🟩 This WON'T require you to be a master at copywriting

🟩 And this WON'T require you to suffer through pages of fluff

Here's everything you will get today

🟩 A complete A to Z guide on how to structure your email flows to maximize revenue from your email list with pre and post purchase flows and best practices for list segmentation

🟩 A master list of over 100 email campaigns you can implement to fill out your marketing calendar quickly

🟩 Real examples from real brands for each and every flow step and email campaign for your reference.

Our Full Money Back Guarantee

The best part? You can test drive the EVERYTHING risk-free. If you don’t absolutely love it and think that this isn’t the absolute best way to get great results for you and your clients, we’ll refund your entire payment.

Yup, that’s right! Just email us at with the email you purchased with and we’ll give your money back, no questions asked!

Are you ready to start growing your Ecommerce brand with email marekting?

If you’re an ecommerce brand owner, you know you need email marketing to succeed in today’s marketplace. The email strategies laid out in these courses have generated millions in sales. Buy them now and begin applying them for your brand TODAY.